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SPECIALTY BIOLOGIC is an FDA Licensed biopharma distribution company suppling Human Blood and Blood Components such as: Source Plasma, Fresh Frozen Plasma, Cord Blood Plasma, Human Serum, Red Blood Cells, Albumin, Leukocytes, Platelets as well as other Human Raw Materials. We primarily aggregate Research Specific Biologics used in Clinical Trials. Our primary business driver is the storage and distribution of DONATED Cord Blood Plasma and Fresh Frozen Plasma from 16-25 year old male donors. All Biologics are assumed to be for transfusion purposes and therefore they have been collected in FDA licensed facilities and fully pathogen and disease tested according to FDA and AMA guidelines for transfusion quality donated plasma. We do not compete with the Red Cross or any other Volunteer/Non-Profit Blood Banks.

Call us for your specific research needs. We generally require a protocol with IRB approval. We ship overnight to meet your critical delivery needs.

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