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About Us

SPECIALTY BIOLOGIC is a biopharma distribution company licensed by the US Federal Drug Administration and dedicated to providing global researchers and biomanufacturing organizations with a dependable supply of biologically relevant, high quality fully donated and FDA screened cord and young blood plasma that enables both clinical research as well as new drug discoveries focused primarily on diseases of the aging. Leveraging and aggregating young plasma biologics in advanced storage provides long term availability of hard to locate HLA specific blood plasma. We also have access to whole blood, packed red cells, and platelets from a variety of age specific FDA screened donors. Our experienced lab technicians are able to ship overnight in dry ice worldwide. SPECIALTY BIOLOGIC maintains direct access to a large repository of diverse donor profiles that can be further screened and further qualified for biomedical applications. Utilizing its contiguous biocell processing facilities, freshly collected tissue is immediately processed with unparalleled quality consistency. This optimal work-flow provides for the highest viability, purity, and cell count available. Fresh or frozen cells are shipped worldwide, to meet client project timelines.

We are pleased to fulfill your special biologics requirements and look forward to working with you in the future!